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The Key to a Successful Future

KnowUr.Biz* is a Knowledge Management Software, which enables you to increase your operation’s profits and foresee changes in your Key Performance Indicators. The software collects data from various sources and visualizes it into an easy-to-read interface. With this tool you can follow, for example, visitor count, sales revenue, energy consumption and other relevant parameters. In addition, the software shows the effects of outside factors, such as weather, on your business. By using up-to-date information, you can increase revenue and optimize the use of resources. KnowUr.Biz helps you in Change Management through following the change of Key Performance Indicators. Accumulated knowledge on customer behavior helps to design new services and find new target groups for marketing. Knowledge Management easies reporting, enhances decision-making and helps in grounding fact-based investments.

*KnowUr.Biz is an abbreviation of Know Your Business.

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In the tool deployment process goals are set and relevant parameters are chosen. The software enables the sharing of information to all the staff members simultaneously and in a synchronized manner. Reporting about the operations becomes significantly easier.


Analyzed knowledge on venue operations help to increase profits and cut costs. Daily and hourly information helps to target staff resources accordingly and to manage customer flow. Increased knowledge on customer behavior based on solid information enables users to design customer-oriented services. Knowledge-based and targeted communications and marketing help to reach new customer segments.


Historical data helps to foresee future developments in business. The software provides a history-based prediction for the relevant parameters and shows the effects of weather to your business. Actions can be planned more efficiently by recognizing the relevant changes in operational volumes and weather-related risks.


"KnowUr.Biz has let us to manage the big picture of our business. The application is easy to use. We can see the best-selling products easily. We follow the sales in the adventure park, the pools and the café, and now we know exactly how the sales are. Reporting has become much easier."

Mr. Jari Roive, Entrepreneur in TG Klubben Oy and Flowpark Ahvenisto

"By using KnowUr.Biz, we saw immediately that the number of pensioners visiting the venue dropped drastically after 9 a.m. Therefore, we launched a new season pass for the quiet hours from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to optimize the customer flow. This product has brought us significant new income."

Mr. Saku Kekäläinen, Services Manager, City of Kuopio

TG Klubben Oy
Ahveniston olympiapuisto

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