Knowledge is an important resource

Tacit knowledge from sports venues management, such as the impact of weather on the visitor count, can be studied by taking a closer look at the data from venue access control devices and cashier data combined with weather data. Analytics are an important part of procurement and investments, but analytics can also support every day change management, performance management and human resource management. The goal of the analytics activities is to collect and combine data as efficiently and accurately as possible, whereas the management concentrates on making the analysis and utilizing the knowledge in managing the organization. Automation in reporting and machine calculated forecasts save a considerable amount of time.

Knowing your customers is essential while serving people

Strategy and Planning

What kind of goals are the for swimming hall activities? What kind of knowledge helps us to reach our goals? Analyzing the data and displaying information on a dashboard can help to develop the business and measure the results efficiently.

Knowing your customers and being customer-driven

Knowing your customers is essential while serving people of different age groups and people with special needs. Analyzing the data from swimming hall access control devices will classify user groups and preferences, which is good material for planning and developing services. Opening hours are important to the customers for maintaining a certain comfort level and for the service provider a certain cost-structure. Analytics will provide useful information to fulfill the needs of all.

Communications and Marketing

Knowing the customers and their needs will help to target your communication and marketing to certain groups of people in the medium of their preference. Sometimes the swimming halls compete for the choice of sport with other activities or other venues. Then it is essential to know one’s profile as a sports venue and be able to offer a the kind of service experience the visitors are looking for. Visitor count can be increased by data-driven service design and data-driven marketing by targeting the ideal customers. Rush hours can be tackled by remodeling tickets and luring the public to use another time frame, usually by reducing the ticket cost in the off-peak hours. Increasing communications and marketing will also have an effect on the revenue streams.

Well-functioning entity forms a meaningful experience. In the swimming halls there are various positions, tasks and duties, which all need to serve a unified goal: a pleasant customer experience for the swimmer! Good communication and cooperation requires ongoing efforts from the executives and managers, as well as all professionals working in the venue. Knowledge management is a useful vessel in organizational development and services management. Openly shared knowledge motivates to work for the common goals and enhances innovativeness amongst the staff members. Accurate information distributed openly within the organization can also increase the well-being of staff and management members.

Anu-Maria Laitinen
Anu-Maria Laitinen
Knowledge Management expert
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