KUB family gets new foothold at Europe!

KUB partnership The Netherlands

Treem has become partner for KUB in the Netherlands and Flemish area of Belgium.

Treem is an organization which focusses mainly on consultancy in reference to swimming and sports halls in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. With years of experience in developing, maintaining and managing these kind of facilities, our organization has been looking for innovative products and solutions to optimize these processes from the very start of the company.

The software perfectly matches with our view of data driven management.

KnowUr.Biz is a software solution which contributes to the (cost)efficiency of managing and maintaining (sport)facilities. It enables our customers to make decisions objectively, based on data which is already “there”, but sometimes difficult to collect, combined with other data and visualize. The software perfectly matches with our view of data driven management. From Day 1, we are very excited to be part of this revolutionary leap towards a feasible and future-proof sports infrastructure for The Netherlands and Belgium. We are proud to be an early adaptor of KUB abroad. There were some parts that needed to be adapted, for the Dutch market, but we have succeeded in close cooperation with the team in Finland. We are looking forward that many sports facilities in The Netherlands and Belgium will use KUB getting a better and healthier operation. A win-win for al organizations.”

Information about Treem (in Dutch)

- Director of Treem Sander ten Broek

Karri Kylliö
Karri Kylliö